about unibuild training

UniBuild Training provides management, compliance, and training programs aimed at the development, training and safety of employees in many diverse industries worldwide with focus on the MENA region, Europe, and the United States.

We are a subsidiary of UniBuild Holding, a premier US based holding company investing in various sectors including construction, engineering services, management and trading. We are in partnership with UniBuild Management & Trading, a Spanish company specialized in trading within emerging countries and providing management consultancy and training to various professionals.

We are an accredited training provider offering training courses and acclaimed certifications in a broad range of courses. The specialized offerings include Oil and Gas, health and safety, and compliance courses. UniBuild Training also provides several professional training courses in program and project management, leadership, and contracts administration.

We have helped a significant number of professionals reach their career goals by offering comprehensive training through tailor-made courses, coaching, consultancy, research and study visits.

Our classroom instruction, led by trained and skilled instructors address the needs of any organization from a one-time course to satisfy an immediate training need to an entire company’s training program.  Training can be delivered either onsite anywhere worldwide or offsite at any of our training centres in various languages.

UniBuild is committed to developing the communities wherever we operate.

Why unibuild TRAINING

A firm is only as good as its reputation. That reputation is earned by the ability to consistently deliver and exceed our Clients expectations.

Seeking training with UniBuild offers the following advantages:

Certified and experienced instructors and experts in all fields of our course’s categories

Competent advice regarding your intended training goals

Practice-oriented courses

Courses tailored to your needs

Experience evaluation to your needs

Modern training facilities or trainings on site worldwide

Extensive training material tailor-made for each course



To be the center of excellence for training and development as it is our belief that knowledge and skills through education is the foundation of human advancement.  



To deliver significantly valuable training that is world recognized.

To educate and enhance the skills of our clients’ employees to demonstrate technical proficiency, integrity and professionalism.

To ultimately improve the quality of life of the local community and society at large through our solid commitment to contribute to human development.