Basic Fire Fighting

Basic Fire Fighting


Fees: Euro € 100 (VAT Excluded if applicable)

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Course Objectives

This course will give an insight into Basic Fire Fighting in a Container Freight Station, ICDs, ports terminals, and warehouses including specific firefighting procedures based on MSDS.

Course Target Audience

Anyone with an interest in the subject should attend.

Course Delivery

The course is delivered via classroom, based on presentation, discussions, tests. The course is delivered over 1 day.


Course Outline

  • Introduction, concept and application of fire, Fire Triangle and Fire Prevention Principle
  • Flammable material found in a CFS, ICDs, ports, terminals, and warehouses with need for vigilance
  • Fire hazards
  • General alarm, Fire plan, Muster list, communication, drills and safety procedures
  • Location of firefighting appliances, emergency routes and fire spread
  • Alarm systems and classification of fires and extinguishing agents
  • Precautions for use of fixed fire extinguishing installations
  • Fire hoses and nozzles, portable fire extinguishers, fire man’s out fit
  • Fire blankets, fire safety arrangements, fire alarms and actions
  • Firefighting mediums
  • Small fires

Course Certification

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded an UniBuild Training certificate featuring the course title, dates, venue, and instructor.