IADC-DIT- Confined Space Safety

IADC-DIT- Confined Space Safety


Fees: Euro € 1000 (VAT Excluded if applicable)

AccreditedHSEOil & Gas

Course Objectives

The aim and objectives of Confined Space Entry training program is to make the personnel aware about requirement to work in the confined space. This will help them to identify the hazards in the confined space, prevention and mitigation of the risk factors while working in the confined space

Course Target Audience

Facility Managers, Supervisors, Employees and Employers who have responsibilities to work in confined space.

Course Delivery

The course is delivered by classroom mode of training based on IADC approved presentation and training manual by an IADC approved tutor.

The course is delivered over 1 day with an assessment on the same day at respective Training Facilities.

Course Outline

Day 1:

  • Confined space Identification.
  • Identifying the hazards and risks associated with the confined space.
  • Knowledge about requirement of Permit and risk assessment.
  • Testing for hazardous atmosphere.
  • Making the space as safe as possible.
  • Approach to safe entry in the confined space.
  • Attendant and Evacuation procedure.

Practical Training:

  • Identification of the confined space.
  • Filling out permit and risk assessment form.
  • MSDS Exercise – split the class in two. Have the class fill out the MSDS exercise sheet and compare the chemical properties.
  • Atmospheric gas testing by Multi-gas detector in the confined space and recording it in the permit form.
  • Assigning the responsibilities of attendant, entrant and rescue team.

Course Certification

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded an IADC certificate featuring the participant name, course title and the completion date.