IADC-DIT- H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide) Safety

IADC-DIT- H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide) Safety


Fees: Euro € 1000 (VAT Excluded if applicable)

AccreditedHSEOil & Gas

Course Objectives

Hydrogen Sulphide, or H2S is a colorless, highly flammable and highly toxic gas, which is a common by-product found in many different industries. Accumulating in low lying areas, it may go unnoticed. In high Doses, on breath can kill instantly. This course will provide delegates with the additional skills, knowledge, information, as well as equip them with the appropriate attitudes to enable them to identify and manage a H2S hazard, assess the risks and implement the appropriate control measures. 

The objective of this course is to increase your awareness of how H2S is formed and where it can be found. It will also show you how you can protect yourself from exposure and give advice about what to do if an emergency should occur in your workplace.

Course Target Audience

Facilities Managers, Supervisors who have responsibilities to train their employees for work in an area that is likely to become contaminated with H2S gas and about hazards of H2S and prevention.

Course Delivery

The course is delivered by classroom mode of training based on IADC approved presentation and training manual by an IADC approved tutor.

The course is delivered over 1 day with an assessment on the same day at respective Training Facilities.

Course Outline

  • Origin of H2S
  • Property of H2S
  • Initial Response Strategy
  • Occupational Exposure Limits
  • Health Hazards of H2S Gas
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment (SCBA & SABA)
  • Detection of H2S
  • First Aid and Rescue
  • Role of Trainer

Course Certification

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded an IADC certificate featuring the participant name, course title and the completion date.