Preparation for Program Management Professional (PgMP)

Preparation for Program Management Professional (PgMP)


Fees: Euro € 500 (VAT Excluded if applicable)

Program Management

Course Objectives

Program management is the centralized, coordinated management of a program to achieve the program’s strategic benefits and objectives. Program management addresses systemic issues and focuses on business and strategic aspects of projects and programs that cannot be resolved at the project management level. Organizations are increasingly seeking to better integrate and coordinate multiple projects to deliver business value. Obtaining PMI’s® Program Management Professional (PgMP)® credential your advanced experience and skills as a program manager are globally recognized. The PgMP® demonstrates your competency to oversee multiple, related projects and their resources to achieve benefits and strategic goals.

Course Target Audience

This course is highly recommended for Project, program, functional managers and program sponsors who want to understand more about the differences between projects and programs and how-to setup programs to increase the overall benefits to the organization. Project and program managers who wish to take to PMI® PgMP® certification for program management. Consultants who have worked on projects and programs who wish to increase their understanding of project and programs. Functional managers, which governance structures influence the selection, comprehensiveness and use of methodologies.

Course Delivery

This course is delivered via classroom-based lecture, discussions, test exam questions. The course is delivered over 5 days and includes written assessments on the final day.

NOTE: If conducted on-site client should provide classroom or other suitable quiet area with chairs, desks, whiteboard, & overhead projector.

Course Certification

PMI Accredited. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded an UniBuild Training certificate featuring the course title, dates, venue, and instructor.