TEKLA Structures – Steel Detailing Basics

TEKLA Structures – Steel Detailing Basics


Fees: Euro € 350 (VAT Excluded if applicable)

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Course Objectives

Tekla structures software is used in the early design stages of construction for steel detailing and concrete structures in a building’s design to ensure stability. The software is a building information modeling (BIM) tool used to produce structural steel drawings in 3D that combine concrete on top of the bare bones structure of a building, saving time. These 3D drawings provide information on how sturdy the design is and determines the safety of the project. The 3D simulations work by adjusting the drawings based on any edits you make to the plan and display the results in front of you to make corrections and changes.

Tekla software allows users create as complex structures as they need to, using multiple materials. Models created with Tekla Structures carry accurate, reliable and detailed information, allowing structural engineers to work together with other members of the project team.

Course Target Audience

This course is highly recommended for individuals who are engaged in structure steel design, steel fabricators, designers, and Mechanical / Civil / Structural Engineers.

Course Delivery

The course is delivered by classroom, in-company training, eLearning, live online mode of training by an accredited trainer.

The course is delivered over 4 days (4 hours session).

Course Outline

Day 1 | Exercise 1: Modeling a 2D Highway Portal Steel Frame

  • Interface Introduction
  • Modelling
  • Columns, Beams, Base Plates, Stiffeners
  • Profiles Settings | Profile Database | Create Profiles
  • Workplan, Views, Grips
  • Commands: Copy, Mirror, Edit, Line Cut, Spit
  • Export to IFC | BIM Vision | PEB Portal Steel Frame Parametrization

Day 2 | Exercise 1: Modeling a 2D Highway Portal Steel Frame (continuation)

  • Welds
  • Numbering
  • Bolts
  • Columns, Beams, Rafters, Purlins
  • Concrete Foundations
  • Welding Connections | Macros

Day 3 | Mezzanine

  • Filter Selection
  • Visualization Filters
  • Macros | Bolted Connections
  • Setup a Macro | Define a Costume Component
  • Auto Connections
  • GA | General Arrangement Drawings
  • Plans | Sections | Details
  • Commands: Part Cut, Cut Part with another Part, Cut par with a Polygon
  • NC Files

Day 4 | Mezzanine (Continuation)

  • References
  • Setup and Import a Reference
  • Extrude a profile from AutoCad
  • Scale Reference DWG | PDF | DXF
  • List of Materials | Reports
  • Staircase Modeling | Base Plate
  • Railings
  • Model Rendering | Keyshot Software

Course Certification

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded an UniBuild Training certificate featuring the course title, dates, venue, and instructor.